Rent a machine, clean & refill it yourself an let us handle the technical maintenance.

How our vending machine rental works:

  • You refill, clean and maintain the coffee vending machines yourselves.
  • Elite Vending will provide Free training for your staff.
  • The Machines are very easy to operate.
  • You are welcome to order the stock from us.
  • We offer 1 free stock delivery per week.
  • You may also use your own suppliers if you prefer.
  • Elite Vending will handle all the technical maintenance.
  • Elite Vening will handle all customer complaints and ensure down-times are minimized.
  • In the event of any major repairs, a replacement machine will be provided within 24 hours.
  • The machine can be setup as Free Vend, Token Vend or Cash Vend. See Free Vend, Token Vend or Cash Vend below.

Free Vend

  • The Machine will dispense free hot beverages to your staff or customers.

Token Vend

  • The Machine will dispense a hot beverage if a token is deposited.
  • You issue tokens to your staff or customers as required

Cash Vend

  • The Machine will dispense a hot beverage if the correct amount of cash coins are deposited.

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